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The home of short stories.

Whether you're into romance, horror or fantasy, there's always a short story for you. Embark on daily adventures with Novellea.


Find original short stories

No matter where you are, fill your time with bursts of literary adventure with the Novellea app.

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Reward your favourite authors with a share of your subscription fee by liking their content. Read without limit and take your stories offline!

Simply tell your stories

As an author, it's never been easier to be seen by the reading community. Novellea's author workspace provides a smooth experience from start to finish, and the great thing is; you retain the rights to your content! 

Manage your author profile to help grow an audience. Sign up to our rewards program and get rewarded when subscribers like your stories!

Our mission

Novellea's goal is to connect authors to readers and readers to original short stories whilst facilitating a way to reward writers for their work. This revolves around building a trusted platform that writers can use to confidently distribute their content as well as enabling readers to quickly find stories that they can connect with. 


Whether you're a reader or an author, get up to speed quickly with a visit to our frequently asked questions.

Contact us

If you can't find what you're looking for in our help guides or FAQs, reach out by filling out the form or email: Please note that due to the number of messages we receive, you can expect a reply within 5 business days. 

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